Previously Blogged Life Chapters, Looking back at 2008-2016

I blogged extensively about my life abroad since I left Austria. In a retrospective nutshell, I felt very guilty that I had such a great opportunity to explore a different continent and live a new life. That was only possible due to the financial mobility my parents supported me with, so writing a blog and passing on my experiences to those who stayed in Austria and Germany felt like giving that back what I didn’t deserve.  I skilfully masked it all with humor, even from myself.

During my time in the US, I picked up a lot of the Californian spirit, and transformed guilt into appreciation on my US-American friends’ recommendation. Nevertheless, I kept documenting my adventures and learning lessons so others who wanted to have a life like mine would have some sort of blueprint of how I got from A to B.

I mean, if you would read all of these articles below – which would take you weeks – you’d really see the evolution of a totally insane, fearless boy to a young man who has to face the real world, to an artist who tries to make a difference. Sometimes I just wish life would be so simple and careless as it was in 2008, a time when I didn’t give a shit about anything and had a hell of a time doing whatever I wanted.

Below, you can find the extensive oral history I created since 2008. It’s ludicrous in size, and is full of bizarre surprises about my more or less dirty past.

If you don’t know me well, this is probably the best way to get to know me. I already forgot 95% of what I wrote anyways, so feel free to surprise me with knowing me more intimately than I know myself. If you read all the articles, I will personally bake you a Schnitzel.

Anyways. Have fun and don’t read while driving. This isn’t an audiobook after all.

Chapter #1: Holocaust Memorial Service in LA and Montreal

  • Time Period: Mar 2008-Mar 2009
  • Number of Articles: 333
  • Language: German / English (50-50)
  • Topics: Living Abroad, Moving from Austria to LA to Montreal, Falling in Love, Finding Film
  • Style: Ridiculing, Naive, Comedic
  • URL:
The First Chapter, 2008-2009
The First Chapter, 2008-2009

Chapter #2: Studying in LA and Making Student Films

  • Time Period: Jun 2009-Oct 2012
  • Number of Articles: 192
  • Language: English / German (65-35)
  • Topics: Studying Film at SMC, Adventures in LA, Learning Filmmaking, Making Student Films, Getting an OPT Work Permit, Working as a Cinematographer, Founding Prodigium Pictures
  • Style: Adventurous, Instructional, Scared Shitless
  • URL:
Chapter 2, 2009-2012
Chapter 2, 2009-2012

Chapter #3: Studying and Research at UC Berkeley

  • Time Period: Feb 2013-Jan 2015
  • Number of Articles: 43
  • Language: English
  • Topics: Research at UC Berkeley, Finding the Meaning of Life, Teaching a Class in Cinematography, Founding Cinema of Change, Studying at UC Berkeley, Changing the Berkeley Film Landscape
  • Style: Intellectual, Exploratory, Questioning
  • URL:
Chapter 3, 2013-2015
Chapter 3, 2013-2015

Chapter #4: Shooting & Directing Films in LA

  • Time Period: Dec 2016-TBD
  • Number of Articles: growing
  • Language: English
  • Topics: Cinematography, Directing, Producing, Running Prodigium Pictures, Networking, Executing Cinema of Change, Building a Career, Building a Community
  • Style: I’ll try to keep it fun
  • URL:
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